Calligraphy Yoga

Whether you already have a physical practice of choice or are looking for a practice that will suit your body and physical ability, you came to the right place!

Calligraphy Yoga practice works equally well for office workers, athletes, new mums, students and grandparents. The main focus of the practice is to improve overall body functioning and restore the body’s natural self-healing abilities. Calligraphy Yoga is a complementary practice to any other activity you do as its effects will work in the “background” enhancing your performance and vitality.

Curious? Please come and feel for yourself!

What is Calligraphy Yoga?

Calligraphy Yoga incorporates powerful principles of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chinese Calligraphy practice and Yoga from Indian and Taoist influences to create a flowing practice of circular natural movements. It works heavily on freeing up the spine, joints, meridians and energy centres within the body, thus promoting blood, mental/nervous and digestive circulation. Efficient and uninterrupted workings of these three circulations are fundamental to longevity and good health.

All Calligraphy Yoga movements originate from and are powered by the practitioner’s energy centre, called Dan Tian. This connection to Dan Tian serves as a linking mechanism between all the movements, creating a live feel of a continuous flow of energy through the body, promoting circulation and cultivation of qi.

The practice brings the body’s Yin and Yang back into balance, creating a feeling of peace and happiness that comes from within. The practice is strengthening, grounding and relaxing at the same time. Each movement practiced in Calligraphy Yoga is natural, comfortable and intuitive, performed without tension or strain. This makes the practice accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Moving naturally without the need to assume a certain shape or posture makes movements enjoyable while stimulating the natural healing process. This approach helps us regain our bodies by driving the aging process backwards towards more supple, agile and elastic body, or a “baby body” as Master Yang calls it.

Twenty years in development, Calligraphy Yoga has been developed by Master Zhen Hua Yang. It is innovative and contemporary and at the same deeply rooted in traditions dating back to the sixteenth century. Master Yang was trained in his family’s system with over 400 years of history. He has 45 years experience in Qi energy, yoga and martial arts.

More on Calligraphy Yoga Benefits

Improving Oxygen and Nutrients Delivery to Your Brain and Organs

By substantially increasing the blood flow, Calligraphy Yoga can help with reversing red blood cell aggregation which occurs quite often in our bodies. Red blood cells (or erythrocytes) are the principal means of delivering oxygen to the tissues. Efficient blood circulation works on making the red blood cells flow freely through the body, unattached to one another. This ensures that red blood cells can pass even through the tiniest blood vessels to bring oxygen to all the cells in all the parts of our bodies.

Oxygen is one of the most important elements required to sustain life. It destroys the harmful bacteria in our bodies without affecting the beneficial bacteria that we need. Also, what Dr. Otto Henrich Warburg discovered in 1931 is still true today.

Red blood cell aggregation has been seen in a lot of diseases like essential hypertension, edema, myocardial ischemia, thromboembolic states, retinal venous occlusion, diabetes and in inflammatory auto-immune diseases. With the reversal of this red blood cell aggregates improvement in these diseases can be achieved.

Relief from (Arthritic) Joint Aches and Swelling and Help with Digestion

Improving blood circulation will dramatically improve the way your joints function and will help relief joint pain and swelling.

Even without having a health condition, all of us sit for way too long in the same position day after day. Such lack of mobility negatively affects our whole body and causes stagnation in the joints as well as in our digestive system. It is important to take breaks during your working day to walk around and stretch out. And it is important to do a movement practice that promotes circulation. While any active movement improves circulation, the results of many common forms of exercise are temporary. Calligraphy Yoga will help you achieve a consistent improvement in your blood circulation and bring the results that last. You will learn some simple techniques to use in your office chair which will help with promoting digestion and circulation while you are at work.

Strength, Flexibility, Relaxation and Proper Organ Function

With the help of flowing active movements and Dan Tian breath, greater strength and flexibility can be achieved. Active spinal movements build up strength without tension. Full diaphragmatic breathing ensures that our parasympathetic nervous system becomes active – the mind calms down and your body directs its attention to the proper functioning of the internal organs and glands, stimulating the proper digestion and elimination and the healthy workings of the reproductive system. Through the relaxation of the nervous system greater flexibility can be experienced, as tension in the nervous system is one of the factors contributing to the feeling of stiffness and rigidity. The body’s soft tissues – muscles, tendons and ligaments – begin to release and this has the effect of opening up the joints more fully and removing blockages so that the energy can flow freely.

Calligraphy Yoga during Pregnancy

Prenatal 3The practice stimulates blood circulation, improves oxygen flow to your baby and relieves lower back pain. Done in a flow, Calligraphy Yoga practice synchronises breath and movement, allowing you to tap into the rhythm of your body, encouraging that intuitive wisdom to guide you, in your practice and during delivery.

For new mums – Calligraphy yoga offers a way to ease into movement and to start building strength while feeling relaxed and rested after the class.

“I love Calligraphy yoga – it is invigorating while being kind to your body. I moved from hot yoga to Calligraphy Yoga when I found out I was pregnant and I have loved the moves! Bringing the focus to your breath and movement of the spine really allows you to fully come into, and become aware of your body.  As my pregnancy progresses, other movement practices are becoming uncomfortable, while Calligraphy Yoga continues to keep my spine (and the rest of my body) supple and my mind calm. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is pregnant and wants to have a practice that increases blood circulation and works on building up strength and flexibility without over extending yourself.” – Lara, lawyer, Wellington