Master Zhen Hua Yang


Master Zhen Hua Yang is the founder of Calligraphy Yoga and has been involved in human movement since he was a young child. His first teachers were the martial arts and energy masters of Shaolin and WuDang temples. His teachers were highly skilled, such as Hai Deng from Shaolin – most famous for his one-finger stand. His teacher from WuDang was a old Taoist monk who shared with him knowledge about ying/yang balance, energy production, well-being and human longevity.

As Master Yang started to get older, his father and grandfather passed onto him their 400 year old family martial arts system.

After many years of intensive training, Master Yang had a realization about human movement and developed his own style of movement arts. In the early 90s, Master Yang moved to Australia and started to take on private students.

At the turn of the century, Master Yang became involved with other areas of movement outside the martial arts. He started getting interest from practicing yogis as well as elite athletes. Following his interactions with the yoga practitioners, he started putting together the foundations for Calligraphy Health through his Calligraphy Yoga system.

The Calligraphy Yoga system has now been in development for 20 years and is a direct result of Master Yang’s knowledge of movement, energy production and yogic postures. His belief is that all yoga should be alive with energy which powers every movement. This energy can be held within us for our own well-being or can be projected from the body to heal others.

His experience in the fields of energy production, combined with movement, stretches over 45 years. His knowledge is deep, steeped in ancient methods and techniques that he has accumulated through his interactions with his teachers and his own experiences.

He has helped to heal many people who have a wide array of conditions, including asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, spinal conditions and injury, shoulder injuries, migraines, arthritis, sleeping disorders, stress and depression, post-operative trauma and nerve, tendon and ligament damage.

Master Yang’s goal is to see more and more people attain a lasting health. He wants people to enjoy their lives by feeling comfortable within their own bodies, by being pain, discomfort and stress-free. His greatest joy is to see his students happy, grounded, peaceful and exuding positive energy.