Katya Mourits

Katya Mourits Yoga – Health through Movement
Director and Principal Teacher
Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher E-RYT & Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher RPYT

Having discovered meditation in her early twenties and yoga not long after, Katya was fascinated by the great transformational and inspirational power both of these practices offer. After a few years of practice, Katya found her home in Vipassana meditation, which now has a great influence in her life and her teaching.

A devoted yoga practitioner since 2004, Katya has completed over a thousand of teacher training hours, including her 260 hrs Level 1 training with Hot Yoga of New Zealand, a comprehensive Applied Anatomy and Physiology Training with Simon Borg-Olivier, her Level 2 training in Vinyasa with RadiantlyAlive studio and Prenatal Vinyasa with Jennifer More. She has also assisted in teacher trainings and has developed and taught an Applied Anatomy course during the 2012 teacher training in Auckland.

In her further explorations into the healing power of yoga Katya was very fortunate to meet a unique teacher – a highly skilled Chinese Master Zhen Hua Yang. Under Master Yang’s direct guidance, Katya is currently learning about his Calligraphy Health system. To date, Katya has completed over 450 Teacher Training hours with Master Yang.

“Already after the first couple of days of the first training with Master Yang, I have realised the power and effectiveness of the Calligraphy Health system. I felt great changes in my own body and I saw the effects this practice had on other participants – we were all experiencing a great sense of freedom in the spine and lightness in the whole body. This came together with the feeling of grounding, clarity and peace within the mind. The energy-cultivating aspects of the practice were very powerful as well. Even after daily 12-hour sessions, we felt fresh and charged with no need for a long night rest.”

The effects and inspirations of the training were so powerful that in March 2012 Katya together with her friend and fellow Calligraphy Yoga practitioner Merel Rip set up a Calligraphy Yoga studio in Wellington.

“It has been a wonderful journey so far. We are greatly enjoying sharing this amazing practice with people in Wellington. The feedback that we are receiving from our regular students is really empowering. We are looking to expand the team and our offers in 2015 to be of a better service to our community and to allow more people experience the benefits of the practice.”
Hot Yoga of New Zealand Teacher Training 260hrs, 2009
Yoga Synergy Applied Anatomy and Physiology with Simon Borg-Olivier 155hrs, 2010-2011
Radiantly Alive Vinyasa Level 2 Training with Scott Davis and Chris Kummer 100hrs, May 2013
Prenatal Vinyasa Level 2 Training with Jennifer More 85hrs, June 2013
Calligraphy Health Training with Master Zhen Hua Yang 450hrs, 2013-2015
Teacher Trainer 310hrs
Touch for Health Kinesiology Level 1 with Wellington School of Massage Therapy, Feb-March 2015
Ongoing – Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Ihana yoga and Carl Montgomery
Yoga as Therapy Training with Doug Keller, May 2016
Attended workshops/immersions with Donna Farhi, Baron Baptiste, Katie Lane, Tara Judelle

Yu Profile Picture

Yu Zhou

Registered Yoga Teacher and Traditional Chinese Medicine student

A dedicated yoga practitioner since 2009, Yu completed her 200 hour teacher training at Hot Yoga Wellington in 2011 and has been teaching ever since.

“The benefit we gain from practicing yoga is not only a personal gift, but one we share with everyone we encounter. I feel grateful to teach. My hope is that students leave my classes feeling restored and calm, with a sense of serenity and strength.”

Inspired by her friend Katya Moruits and Master Yang, Yu started to practice Calligraphy Yoga. Due to her training in martial arts at early age and her familiarity with Tai Chi and Qi Gong while growing up in China, Calligraphy Yoga has resonated with Yu from the first encounter. “I have been suffering from poor circulation and cold hands and feet my entire life, and Calligraphy Yoga has offered a cure for this, and much more!”

Impressed by the effects of the practice and her progress with it, Yu completed Calligraphy Yoga training with Master Yang in January 2014 and has been qualified to teach by the founder. “It has been a wonderful journey so far, from attending classes, to self-practice and workshops to a full immersion through the training, which gave me a much deeper understanding of the principles and benefits of the Calligraphy Health system. I am now fully committed to this journey of self-healing through Calligraphy Yoga and I am very excited to share this practice with others through teaching”.


Chris Nash

Yoga Teacher, Osteopath, Exercise rehabilitation and Workplace ergonomics specialist

Chris graduated from the British School of Osteopathy and Naturopathy in the UK, and has been practicing in Central Wellington since 1998. She uses a combination of both structural and cranial techniques.

She feels passionate about working with people and helping them to return to optimum health. Her post graduate studies include exercise rehabilitation and workplace ergonomics, and most recently she attended a course in the UK on sports injury taping using the Kinesio method.

Chris has been practicing different styles of yoga for a number of years now and has recently qualified as a yoga teacher and a Calligraphy Yoga teacher. She is passionate about combining osteopathic treatments with Calligraphy Yoga sessions as both techniques offer complementary benefits for aligning and freeing up the body, creating a greater healing potential.

YingjieYingjie Zhang

Calligraphy Yoga Teacher and IT Professional

Yingjie has been seeking a physical exercise to restore the body to its optimal state after working long hours in the office. She started practising Calligraphy yoga in 2014 and from the beginning fell in love with the practice and how it made her feel. Noticing significant positive changes in her body and mind, Yingjie has been maintaining a consistent practice ever since.

“Through Calligraphy Yoga movements, I feel connected to the core of my being. Calligraphy Health is a holistic system offering techniques that uplift the mind and rejuvenate the body from inside out. It is a dynamic meditation to experience the pure bliss of existence.”

Inspired by the Wellington workshop with Master Zhen Hua Yang, Yingjie proceeded to complete Level 1 and 2 of Calligraphy Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne. She is looking forward to offering classes in Wellington and see others benefit from this amazing system.

Chevanne Rodwell

Yoga and Calligraphy Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Chevanne is keen to assist you with transforming your life, improving your health, happiness, longevity and daily experience.