Beginners Course

NEW!!! 6-week Beginners Course at Centre for Higher Self

calligraphy-yoga-6-week-courseStarts 4 May 2017, 7.10pm
1 Marion street, Wellington

Cost: $108, includes 2 FREE classes at the centre.

During this course with Katya Morits you will learn how to:

* restore deep abdominal breathing for health, stress relief and vitality

* move with freedom while mobilising the spine, nourishing the joints and releasing tension

* practice in a way that promotes circulation, digestion and energy flow

* build up and direct energy flow to release physical, energetic and emotional blockages

* immerse in a moving meditation practice to quieten the mind and reduce stress and anxiety

All levels welcome!

This practice promotes deep movement awareness and encourages meditative state of mind while helping you to:

* Maintain spinal health and relieve back pain
* Nurture your joints
* Improve digestion, circulation and energy flow
* Develop deeper energetic awareness and sensitivity
* Release stress and tension
* Restore restful sleep and energy levels

New BEGINNERS courseWatch this space for future dates for 3 sessions course!

Start your exploration of Calligraphy Yoga with a Beginners Course!

Dive into a week of Calligraphy Yoga and watch your body transform through this 3-class course. Discover your way into healthier body, calmer mind and uplifted spirit through easy to follow, enjoyable movements.

During the three sessions, we will learn about the basic principles of the practice through very accessible, simple movements. Already after the first session you will become more aware of your body and your breath and get a chance to release tension, find greater mobility in your upper body and re-establish a natural flow of deep diaphragmatic breathing.

The course is perfect for those who work in the office and need to improve posture, free their breath, release tension in the neck and shoulders and improve circulation.

Cost $69, includes Home Practice video – available only to course participants. Email to register!

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