Class Types

Calligraphy Yoga New Zealand, Wellington studio offers a variety of classes – different modalities all forming a part of the Calligraphy Health system. Classes vary in levels of physical engagement and all are deeply relaxing, restoring and freeing for the body and mind.

Calligraphy Vinyasa

Reversed WarriorThis is one of the most effective and accessible practices for anyone and can give tremendous release of back, neck and shoulder pain while significantly increasing energy levels, improving functional core strength, reducing stress and improving the health of your internal organs.

This class starts with an active Spinal Movements sequence to release your back muscles, to mobilise and strengthen the core, and to open up and strengthen the rest of the body. Then we will flow through calming calligraphy movements which promote circulation and energy flow, reduce tension and improve organ function. The class concludes with a delicious flow on the floor and a final relaxation. All in all a great experience for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Calligraphy Flow

TreeCalligraphy Flow is a graceful, dynamic and rejuvenating practice that builds up circulation and energy flow and focuses on the quality of breath and movement.

It helps to bring natural freedom of movement back to the body and increase blood and nutrient supply to all tissues – your brain, organs, muscles and joints. Effective blood and nutrient supply is the key process for your health and your athletic ability.

We will move through a constant flow of calligraphy yoga forms each targeting a different part of the body. You will have a chance to challenge your stamina and balance and identify and release areas of held tension.

Through consistent practice you will notice great improvements in your mobility, functional core strength, your energy levels, your mood, your digestion and your sports performance. This practice is 50% physical and 50% mental and energetic and it will leave you feeling fully relaxed and recharged.

Energy Recharge

LotusA perfect example of “less is more”. This class is mainly build around Calligraphy Qi Gong elements, which due to their simplicity enable you to experience the fullness of the deep principles embedded into the Calligraphy Health system. It is a very grounding and relaxing class that will nevertheless warm up your body and soul – great for a midweek energy boost and evening relaxation. All levels welcome!

Calligraphy Dance

DancerA special event organised once per month – come and learn a set of dance moves inspired by Calligraphy Yoga forms. If you would like to enjoy dancing without long preparations, have some fun while getting a workout and learn great moves to use on any dance floor – this is your chance. Calligraphy Dance session is a fun, engaging and energising experience – a great way to start your weekend.

Beginners Course

Warrior 2Even though our classes are open to all and are easy to follow, you might like to start your exploration of Calligraphy Yoga with a Beginners Course. During the three sessions, we will learn about the basic principles of the practice through very accessible, simple movements. Already after the first session you will become more aware of your body and your breath and get a chance to release tension, find greater mobility in your upper body and re-establish a natural flow of deep diaphragmatic breathing. The course is perfect for those who work in the office and need to improve posture, free their breath, release tension in the neck and shoulders and improve circulation.

Discover your way into a healthy body, calm mind and uplifted spirit and register for our next course!


Please check our Schedule for current class times.

All our classes are tailored to the group of people that comes together on the day, so whatever your level and ability, we will make sure you have a pleasant and rejuvenating experience.