Private Sessions

DSCN1337Private sessions are a great way to deepen your practice.

* Do you have questions about the techniques used in Calligraphy Yoga?
* Do you have questions about what you are discovering through your practice?
* Do you feel that certain areas of your body need extra attention due to pre-existing injury?
* Would you like to clarify your understanding of certain Calligraphy Yoga forms and deepen your experience?

Then you might like to book a private session!

Since there is not always time in class to find out everything you would like to know about the practice, taking a private session will take you further on your journey. During a private session, there is a chance to polish off your understanding of the forms and ensure that all details are clear, in your thinking and in your movements. You can always come with a set of questions you would like to focus on. Alternatively, a session can unfold organically based on the teacher’s observations of your movements.

Regardless of a specific focus, we will ensure an enjoyable and productive session!

A session can be held at the studio, or at your home or office.

Email to find out more.