9-day Courses

Recharging, rejuvenating, healing and a great learning experience! – Join one of the 9-Day Courses offered by the founder of Calligraphy Health System Master Zhen Hua Yang.

Participating in the course will allow you to considerably improve the functioning of your body on the physical and mental levels and to address any health concerns you might have. It is also an incredibly rewarding experience for your personal development, mental evolution and greater self-awareness.

Expect to meet people from all different walks of life which makes this journey especially interesting – some are yoga practitioners, some are musicians, athletes, IT specialists and other office workers, some are grandparents and some are students.

The experience of a great number of yoga practitioners who have done the course is that their practice has improved tenfold over the course of 9 days – yes, the method of Calligraphy Health is that effective!

Overall findings of people attending the course are that their energy levels increase dramatically, they are able to find significant improvements in pre-existing injuries or other health conditions, they are able to tap into the realm of human bio-energy, release  blockages in the body and learn the ways to cultivate and direct energy, achieving health benefits on the mental and physical levels.


1313568980TwelveApostle1“Healing Power of Yoga”
Calligrphy Yoga 9-Day or 18-Day Course
Part 1, 11-19 July 2015

Part 2, 21-28 July 2015

with Master Zhen Hua Yang

7am – 5.30pm, Sydney, NSW

Part 1

During this 9-day course, Master Yang will give in-depth practical teachings and guidance of how to use the body, physical movements, breath and Mudra (energy control) for increased energy production and to promote blood, digestive and mental circulation. You will learn how to effectively release mental and physical tension, find suppleness in your body and relief chronic back and neck pain.

During each day of the course, Master Yang will assist participants in gaining a deeper experiential understanding of their own body’s healing mechanisms and ways of directing energy. You will learn how to use this knowledge to improve and maintain your health and vitality.

The course will cover the following:
– developing inner power
– healing power of movement
– feeling and directing energy flow
– receiving and projecting energy
– methods for improving blood, mental and digestive circulations
– life prolonging aspects of yoga practice
– teaching Calligraphy Yoga

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Part 2

This course enables you to continue your journey and learn different programmes designed to address the following:

– Calligraphy Health – movements to keep youthful body and mind and secrets to graceful ageing
– Calligraphy Qi Gong Programme
– Calligraphy Body Shaping Programme

Calligraphy Qi Gong
Calligraphy Qigong cultivates internal strength and promotes circulation. You will work with projecting and receiving energy to unblock channels and meridians. By opening these conduits of energy, you will feel an increase in overall well-being & health, as well as a reduction in your stress levels.

Calligraphy Yoga & Body Shaping
Calligraphy Yoga works with 3-dimensional movements that help release muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Body Shaping works amazingly well for those who wish to lengthen and strengthen muscles and tendons. This program is designed specifically to change a person’s body shape and aesthetics.

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Cost: Part 1 or Part 2 is AUD1650. Full course is AUD3000. This includes 100/200 hrs of training and personalised guidance from Master Yang plus the ongoing support after the training.
Cost per day: AUD242.