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Immersion 24 May 2015

2 November, 3.30-6pm with Katya:
Free Up Your Spine and Fire Up Your Core!

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Not to be missed! Your last chance in 2014 to participate in an immersion and experience how amazing it feels!

This last Immersion of the year will focus on spinal movements to bring the Calligraphy Yoga forms to their full potential. We will dedicate lots of attention to Dan Tian (your energy centre) movements which are essential for getting a heavier sensation of energy flow as well as for energy cultivation. And we will also get to experiment with some new Calligraphy Yoga forms. The session will end with a delicious Calligraphy Qi Gong flow and a final relaxation.

During a Calligraphy Yoga Immersion, you will have an opportunity to dive deeper into the practice and get a better feel for its effects.

You will find that doing a slightly longer practice is such an amazing treat for your body and mind. You will feel like a different person at the end of the immersion – a new you in a lighter body with a completely calm mind.

During this extended class, we will first focus on a number of Calligraphy Yoga sequences and their subtler details. We will then flow through these sequences a number of times to create a greater sense of understanding of and immersion into the movement – a true moving meditation.

As your body becomes more familiar with the movements, the whole practice will be elevated to the next level with all the movements unfolding from within and creating a free flow of energy through the body.

Participating in Immersions will give you a chance to build up the experiential understanding of the practice and significantly progress your journey towards a freer, more energetic body and a calmer mind. At the end of each session there will be time to ask questions and share your experiences with other participants.

You will leave feeling refreshed and energized!
Cost $45

All abilities welcome, no previous experience required.

Spaces are limited!

Please book by emailing Please note that payment is required at the time of booking. We offer 50% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of an immersions and no refund for no shows.

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