Teacher Training

Since its introduction to the general public, the Calligraphy Health system keeps growing and keeps gaining its followers world-wide. Master Yang works tirelessly travelling around the globe with workshops, aiming to deliver the benefits of this systems to people in different countries. The system has documented successes in curing major ailments ranging from asthma to car accident rehabilitation as well as improving overall body functioning, allowing people to release stress, tension, improve posture, increase brain function, cure spinal and joint conditions, improve breathing, digestion and ability to feel happy and grounded in everyday life. A number of experienced teachers have already been trained by Master Yang to help him reach students in different countries.

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Calligraphy Yoga has opened its doors in Wellington in March 2013 and we have already received some wonderful feedback from our regular students reporting improvements in their body functioning, definite shifts in their mobility and flexibility enabling them to enjoy their regular yoga practice better, improved ability to relax and sleep deeper and many more. What is even more special is that some people report great shifts in the way they feel already after the first class. It feels amazing to be able to offer this powerful practice knowing that people benefit from it.

Below is the list of the upcoming teacher training courses with Master Yang. Each of the courses is an intensive allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Calligraphy Yoga and feel its benefits on your own body. It is also an incredibly rewarding experience for your personal development, mental evolution and greater self-awareness.

If you do not have previous teaching experience, Calligraphy Yoga NZ can help you develop your teaching skills via our Mentoring Program.

Join our community of committed Calligraphy Yoga teachers in New Zealand and Australia and enjoy the privilege of being able to guide people towards happier and healthier lives. What can be better?

If you are interested or simply would like to have an exploratory chat about the training, please contact Katya via info@calligraphyyoga.co.nz

Training is offered in two parts:

Part 1

During this 9-day course, Master Yang will give in-depth practical teachings and guidance of how to use the body, physical movements, breath and Mudra (energy control) for increased energy production and to promote blood, digestive and mental circulation. You will learn how to effectively release mental and physical tension, find suppleness in your body and relief chronic back and neck pain.

During each day of the course, Master Yang will assist participants in gaining a deeper experiential understanding of their own body’s healing mechanisms and ways of directing energy. You will learn how to use this knowledge to improve and maintain your health and vitality.

The course will cover the following:
– developing inner power
– healing power of movement
– feeling and directing energy flow
– receiving and projecting energy
– methods for improving blood, mental and digestive circulations
– life prolonging aspects of yoga practice
– teaching Calligraphy Yoga

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Part 2

The 3 main areas of focus will be:
– Calligraphy Health Senior Program
– Calligraphy Qi Gong Program
– Calligraphy Body Shaping Program

Senior Program
This program is designed to meet the needs of older people, and to reinstate ying/yang balance in the body. When this balance is lost the body is prone to disease. The focus will be on improving balance, breathing and organ function, body pain, digestion and body resistance.

Calligraphy Qi Gong
Calligraphy Qigong cultivates internal strength and promotes circulation. You will work with projecting and receiving energy to unblock channels and meridians. By opening these conduits of energy, you will feel an increase in overall well-being & health, as well as a reduction in your stress levels.

Calligraphy Yoga & Body Shaping
Calligraphy Yoga works with 3-dimensional movements that help release muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Body Shaping is aimed at younger practitioners who wish to lengthen and strengthen muscles and tendons. This program is designed specifically to change a person’s body shape and aesthetics. Excellent for dancers and athletes.

Develop Your Teaching Skills – our mentoring program

Beginners 2If you would like to teach after completing the training but you do not have previous teaching experience, we are able to provide guidance and training in this area. Calligraphy Yoga NZ offers a mentoring program which is customisable to suit your goals, preferences and experience.

Katya has completed over 1000 hours of teacher training to date. She has been teaching yoga for a number of years, including leading courses, workshops and trainings and has previously worked with groups and individuals helping them develop their teaching, public speaking and presentation skills. Please email us with any enquiries.

2017 – QLD, Australia

“Healing Power of Yoga” Level 1 Training
Calligraphy Yoga 9-Day or 18-Day Course
Part 1, 8-16 July 2017

Part 2, 17-25 July 2017

with Master Zhen Hua Yang

Cost: Part 1 or Part 2 is AUD2200. Full course is AUD3000. This includes 100/200 hrs of training and personalised guidance from Master Yang plus the ongoing support after the training.

“Healing Power of Qigong and Vibration” Level 2 Training
Calligraphy Yoga 9-Day or 18-Day Course
Part 1, 27 July-4 August 2017

Part 2, 6-14 August 2017

with Master Zhen Hua Yang

Cost: Part 1 or Part 2 is AUD2200. Full course is AUD3000. This includes 100/200 hrs of training and personalised guidance from Master Yang plus the ongoing support after the training.