“Arriving with some aches and pains I was hesitant but curious attending the Calligraphy Yoga Immersion. The way Katya introduced CY and then had us moving in our own flow in just over an hour was amazing. The movements were different to anything previously experienced and although they seemed simple and natural, required focus and concentration – which soon became intuitive.

I will definitely follow this through as it identified game-changing physical focus and fluidity. My previous aches and pains are a distant memory. Thank you Katya – a wonderful introduction.”

Craig Turvey, Designer, Wairarapa

“Calligraphy Yoga Immersion with Katya was great. It was fluid and catered excellently for people who have never tried the practice before – simple flow that we could come away with to integrate and practice at home. We would like more of Calligraphy Yoga events and classes in Wairarapa!”

Tulletha Pollett-Scott, Creative Designer and Photographer, Massage Therapist, Wellington&Wairarapa

“I loved your Calligraphy Yoga Immersion! I discovered how to feel my energy for the first time and learnt techniques for stimulating the energy flow through the body.”

Student, Wairarapa

“Calligraphy Yoga Immersion with Katya was an energising and enlightening experience connecting mind, breath and body.”

Student, Wairarapa

“Katya and the team at Calligraphy Yoga have taken a brave step into the future by offering a style of practice that combines the best of Yoga and Qigong. I have practiced yoga (primarily Iyengar) for over 15 years, and have also explored Tai Chi. Over the 12 months that I have been doing Calligraphy Yoga I have noticed big changes in my daily breath, my energy levels and spinal flexibility. Perhaps the most unexpected benefit has been the strengthening of my core. No sit ups required!! I am a big fan and strongly recommend Calligraphy Yoga to you.”

Victor, Wellington

“Calligraphy Yoga is very relaxing, enjoyable and centring. I am so grateful to Katya and her team for bringing this beautiful, flowing practice to NZ and for their dedicated teaching.

After the first class I felt as though I was walking on air and although that initial effect is not so noticeable now I am feeling much more supple and at ease in my body these days. I use the breathing techniques specifically for any stressful moments such as feeling impatient or irritated – within seconds I am calm and focused again.

My regular meditation has become much deeper. I no longer suffer from neck pain or tension headaches! When hiking uphill I noticed I don’t run out of breath any more, it feels like I have an unlimited supply of energy. Because of the instant benefits I’ve found it very easy to incorporate a few minutes’ practice into my daily routine at home. I highly recommend Calligraphy Yoga to everyone. ”

Jan, Homeopath, Wellington & Gisborne

“I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, and am really appreciating being able to manage my back pain without medication. There is a lot more mobility in my spine now; parts that I suspect have been inert for years are now moving. I also found that I was able to focus at work for longer periods on those days when I had class. Thanks heaps. “

Vaughan Curd, Web Developer, Wellington

“I work in an office, over a computer most of the day. I used to get back and shoulder problems. Calligraphy Yoga has really helped me rediscover and recover flexibility in my back and strengthen my core. I feel I have more energy and focus to tackle my work.

I also practice traditional yoga a couple of times a week and Calligraphy yoga is a great complementary exercise. With Calligraphy yoga you learn to move from your core, to listen to and observe your body as you move through a sequence of easy to learn, flowing movements, enabling better body tone and control. Now I find twists and other poses in yoga are much easier to do. The variety I find makes both Calligraphy yoga and traditional yoga more enjoyable and beneficial. The instructors are very good, they explain things well and make you welcome. ”

Neil, Business Consultant, Wellingon

“Before I started Calligraphy Yoga I was finding that I was mentally exhausted and drained of energy by the end of a working day, which was hard as I love my work. The practice has really helped me ground myself and massively increase my energy levels making me feel more peaceful and vital at the same time.

Over time I found myself using the breathing techniques naturally throughout the day. It made me aware of how easy it can be to let go of stress if you know how to breathe. I have also found that even knowing just a few techniques and doing a little everyday really helps to maintain mental acuity and be more aware of my own body and its movements.

Knowing how to breathe and move well are invaluable to your physical and mental health.”

Sebastian Tucker, Osteopath, Wellington

“I am enjoying practising calligraphy Yoga immensely.  I have found the sessions to be not only enjoyable, but well planned and executed, with clear instruction on each movement, coupled with explanations about the objective of each move.  The sessions do not over exert me at all, yet at the same time they also make you feel like you have done a workout.  The sensations I am experiencing throughout my body during the practices are remarkable, ranging from physical sensations to mental relaxation during the meditation period at the end of each session.

After each session I feel very loose and relaxed.  I feel that this is very beneficial to my muscle tension and flexibility and overall wellbeing.  I intend to continue my training in Calligraphy Yoga, and would highly recommend it to anyone considering trying it.”

Kelvin McGill, IT professional, Wellington

“I love Calligraphy yoga – it is invigorating while being kind to your body. I moved from hot yoga to Calligraphy Yoga when I found out I was pregnant and I have loved the moves! Bringing the focus to your breath and movement of the spine really allows you to fully come into, and become aware of your body.  As my pregnancy progresses, other movement practices are becoming uncomfortable, while Calligraphy Yoga continues to keep my spine (and the rest of my body) supple and my mind calm. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is pregnant and wants to have a practice that increases blood circulation and works on building up strength and flexibility without over extending yourself.”

Lara, Lawyer, Wellington

“I really enjoyed the 18 days of the Calligraphy Yoga training. To me, Calligraphy Yoga is a way of dynamic meditation. It calms the mind and when the mind is calm, the body functions at the most optimal level. When moving with the energy flowing from Dan Tian, I am in oneness with the universe.

I took a picture of my face 2 weeks after the workshop. I can easily tell the difference: my skin is smooth and glowing; my eyes are clear and bright. As Master Yang said, the skin tells the state of the inner organs, the eyes tell how good the blood circulation is. I feel light, grounded, energetic and content!”

Yingjie, Wellington

“For the first time in my life I am so inspired by the practice that I actually get up earlier than normal to enjoy my morning Calligraphy Yoga practice. I would have never thought this would happen to me. After the practice I feel much more grounded, more “settled” in my body. It also gives me freedom from the otherwise permanent chatter in my mind and it complements my meditation practice. “

Markus, IT professional and motorcycle enthusiast

“I was recently introduced to Calligraphy yoga and it was a mind-blowing experience for me. Master Yang’s unique style is quite gentle, but very powerful. The more I practice, the more energetic I become everyday! It is very addictive.“

Mina, travel agent

“I am so pleased my wife dragged me along to this! Being a computer nerd and not a yogi, I was sceptical at first, but quickly became surprised at how much I enjoyed Calligraphy Yoga! I have been practising for a few months now and I am amazed at how much I have improved. The neck and back pain I used to come home to are now gone, and I have found I have lots more energy. I highly recommend this, *especially* if you’re an office worker, and not a ‘yogi’!”

Timothy, IT & marketing professional