Corporate Wellness

Calligraphy Yoga offered at your work – what a great idea!IMG_2319-1280x960

Offering Calligraphy Yoga classes in your organisation helps promote a healthier life style and allows your employees fit a movement practice into their daily schedules. A Calligraphy Yoga course can also be done as a part of team building activities – a wonderful way to share a new experience with your colleagues.

The practice is highly effective for stress relief, reducing neck and shoulder pain and back pain, increasing energy levels and improving concentration and performance.  It brings results already after the first class and people leave feeling joyful, refreshed and energised.

All you need to start is a large meeting room, no mats or other props required.

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Available packages:

We offer 50 – 60mins classes, depending on your needs. Classes can be run once or twice per week. Calligraphy Yoga is a very easy practice to flow into and it is suitable to all ages and fitness levels. Our classes are always tailored to suit all attendees that come together on the day.

Available Packages
 Introductory Package – Feel the Difference  2 weeks, 2 classes per week
 Introductory Package – Deep Your Toes  4 weeks, 1 class per week
 Course Package – Transformation in Progress  6-8 weeks, 1 class per week
 Seniors Package – Forever Young*  any length, 1 class per week
 Build Your Own!  we will work with you to find what works best


* Calligraphy Yoga Senior Programme can dramatically improve overall health and well-being of your 60+ employees. The programme is especially designed to promote comfortable but effective movements to increase blood flow, improve digestion, relief arthritis symptoms, manage blood pressure and find a greater freedom and ease of movement. It is delicious to flow through the session and people feel really good after.

Personal benefits:

– reduced stress and anxiety – reduced risk of RSI – improved blood circulation for better organ function – better digestion – improved sleep – healthier breathing patterns – injury rehabilitation – the practice promotes healthy joints and healthy spine – overall prevention of stagnation in the body cause by long hours behind the desk

Employer benefits:

– reduced number of sick days – increased productivity – increased job satisfaction – employee retention – more uplifted atmosphere in the office